About Liz

Aside from my family, my passions have always been writing, food, and natural health.When I discovered Ayurveda, I knew it was exactly where I belonged. Ayurveda (literally, knowledge of life) reminds us that we are just a microcosm of the larger universe (made of the five elements: air, earth, fire, water, and ether/space) and that we have endless resources at our disposal to bring ourselves back into balance.

I feel fortunate to spend my time doing what I love. I am a professional editor, a NAMA-certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor, an RYT-500 Yoga Teacher, a Vedic Astrology apprentice, and a graduate of The French Culinary Institute (now The International Culinary Center)/ New York City. 

I appreciate helping people incorporate sustainable changes into their diet and lifestyle through manageable steps. Small steps lead to big changes!